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AC/DC x Kindergarden Cop

Barrow Sire Deluxe: A truly heavy structured, moderate framed, big footed, deep chested boar whose front one-third reads as good as it gets. He has great feet and legs, with a square build that can walk all day. Wanna win? TNT is your choice.
For semen contact Lairds Premium Blend Genetics @ (855) 724-7447




Beast Mode

Gary Coleman x Bar None's Littermate Sister
Stress Negative

There has been a lot of buzz around BEAST MODE and his offspring in the last 6 months and a lot of people asking questions. Well here he is, pictured at 2 years of age April 2013. BEAST MODE did everything that we hoped he would do for our sow herd when we purchased him as a baby from Larry Moore. BEAST MODE has added a ton of muscle and rib shape in his off spring while constructing them square from the ground up. Additionally, BEAST MODE offers the extension and look that it takes to have winning pigs in the show ring. He will be used heavily here again for the Fall crop.




Big Gulp
Big Gulp



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